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News and Religion

Aug 26, 2016

Shane Raynor and the panel discuss a recent poll that shows the top qualities church shoppers are looking for in a church. They also talk about pluralism in America and the loyalty of many conservative values voters to presidential candidate Donald Trump. Guests are Juan Huertas, Tom Fuerst and Christy Thomas.

Aug 19, 2016

Shane Raynor and the panel discuss whether or not church planting is the solution to the problem of declining denominations, why politicians talk so much about the middle class and the trend of newer congregations to forgo building ownership. Guests are Justin Coleman, Kira Schlesinger and Mark Lockard.

Aug 12, 2016

Shane Raynor and the panel discuss preachers who endorse political candidates from the pulpit, a recent study showing that clergy compensation and working hours have improved over the decades and a controversial new afterschool program developed by the Satanic Temple. Guests are Mark Lockard, Christy Thomas and Tom Fuerst.